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Portacamp Murah

Kantor Container Office


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Sell ​​container of office modifications with the main Security is important to you, thus protecting your assets at our long-lasting steel container office.

Mobile. Our toilets and container offices are easy to transport and install wherever you need them most. Compact. Stackable and solid, steel units are ideal for small or large rooms.

Comfortable. Small but sturdy, our home / mess / cafe steel container keeps your valuables safe with the security of the trellis and metal enclosure. The portacamp container is available in feet of 8'x20 '/ 8'x40' or on demand and has the option of adding partitions to create additional room space.

Secure. including metal frames and pad-locked doors, protective lock covers to prevent rust and weather damage, Window with security lock, Stainless steel exterior, Stackable up to 3-4 unit stack height, Minimal Engineering makes low cost, Affordable transportation fee, Facilities Additional stairs, balconies, fences, roofs, and furniture packages are also available